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With almost 10 million policyholders TK is one of the largest public health insurance companies in Germany. TK insures almost all persons living in Germany. The contribution rate is based on the monthly gross income and was determined by TK at a maximum of 15.80 % for 2021. The additional contribution for statutory long-term care insurance is 3.05 %, plus 0.25 % for childless members.

The contribution calculation is limited to a monthly gross income of EUR 4,837.50 equivalent to EUR 58,050 per year. The threshold is redefined every year by the government. In general, direct family members are insured free of charge. The employer participates in almost half of the contribution.


Request an exact contribution calculation from us.

Spouse/civil partners and children are insured at no extra costs provided they have no or little income of their own. This applies to dependants who live either in Germany or in a country with which Germany has a social security agreement. Grandchildren or foster children are included under certain circumstances. For further details, e.g. age or income limits, please give us a call or send us an email.

Most striking features of TK

Prices and performances are in synch at TK

TK offers value-added services to the statutory regulations. Be it high-tech medicine, homeopathy or preventive health screenings – TK systematically exploits all options to offer you more.


A strong community

Nearly 10 million insurees have already placed their trust in TK´s services. More than 400,000 students, many families and voluntary members feel in good hands with TK.


Skin Cancer Screening

Needless to say, TK considers regular screening for early detection essential including skin cancer screening. TK offers skin cancer screening for its insurees aged 20 and older. You can have a medical examination at a dermatologist participating in the TK contract every two years,

i.e. prior to the legal entitlement.


Examinations for schoolchildren

TK closes the screening gaps for children and young people by offering U10 [first additional preventive screening] (7–8 years), U11 [second additional preventive screening] (9–10 years)

and J2 [additional preventive screening for adolescents] (16–17 years).

Travel vaccinations

TK covers the costs of many vaccinations (where applicable minus the co-payment for the vaccine). This includes vaccinations required for your private trips abroad, such as vaccinations against hepatitis A and B or malaria prophylaxis. This is based on the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Vaccination of the Robert Koch Institut and with the travel recommendations of the Federal Foreign Office.



All TK insurees can receive homeopathic treatment by specially qualified established doctors throughout Germany. We also cover the costs for an extensive initial health record (approx. 60 minutes) for a detailed analysis of the causes of illness. Follow-up health records and shorter homeopathic consultations may become necessary.


Alternative medicine

Doctors may issue TK insurees with private or green prescriptions for alternative medicine which 

are non-prescription but restricted for sale in pharmacies. TK reimburses up to 100 Euros per insuree and year. This applies to medication in the following areas:

• homeopathy

• anthroposophy

• phytotherapy

Natural medicines for children under the age of 12 continue to be covered by the social health insurance fund and are settled via the TK eHealth card.


Osteopathy is often considered a valuable addition to conventional medical treatment. TK covers part of the costs under certain conditions.



TK´s innovative "Modellvorhaben Akupunktur" [acupuncture pilot scheme] played a significant role in recognizing this form of treatment. TK insurees can receive acupuncture for chronic backache and knee pain.

Sports Medical Examination

TK subsidises sports medicine check-ups and consultations every two years. These have to be performed by an approved sports medicine specialist. 80 % of the invoiced amount will be reimbursed however no more than 60 Euros for the basic examination and no more than 120 Euros for the extended examination (including basic examination).


On-call midwifery service

TK covers the costs for the on-call midwifery service.

This is always calculated as a lump sum. TK reimburses up 250 Euros for births.

All the pregnant patient has to do is submit the original invoice from the mid-wife to TK.


Free choice of doctors and hospitals

You decide which established doctor or hospital you would like to see. Needless to say, we let you choose your own doctor and hospital. You decide which hospital you go to in consultation with your doctor. The only requirement is that it is a hospital contracted by the

health insurance fund.


TK services

TK provides you with quick and straightforward answers to your questions – whatever the time of day. You can call our doctors at night when surgeries and pharmacies are closed, or TK helps you make an appointment with your general practitioner or consultant.


TK help

You can reach the TK-Service Team 24 hours a day,

365 days a year:

• Telephone: 0800 - 285 85 85 (free call from within Germany)



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Source: www.tk.de

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