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Welcome to the team of competence. exclusive. e.k.


When we started our service to supporting expatriates and their families relocating to Germany in 2001 we were one of the first insurance brokers specializing in this field.


As independent insurance advisors we work hand in hand with renowned relocation services and HR departments of large international companies throughout Germany.

Naturally, individuals may benefit from our service in the same way.


In the course of the years we have gained special knowledge and experience just by "learning by doing".


Consequently our internal workflow and efficiency were substantially improved.
Up-to-date we may provide a big number of general and specialized information written

in English in regards to insurances of persons and property to our international clients.


We have continuously accompanied and exchanged experiences with one of the biggest German Public Health Insurance Providers from beginning of their relocation activities on, which led to a profound and cooperative partnership by today.

Certainly we have also agreed trusting cooperation with other providers.


Concerning Private Health Insurances we have succeeded in enforcing various simplifications with the application process. Our premium partners trust in the result of

our qualified advance risk assessment of initially uncertain statements.


In the field of Temporary Health Insurances for assignees we may provide one of the few available tariffs, which fully meet the applicable Schengen Visa provisions.

On our initiative a German Welcome Center recently withdraw a directive which blocked hundreds of insurance applications of international assignees trying to enter Germany.


As International- or so-called “EU”-Health Insurances are mainly refused by the German Authorities they are of less importance for our consultancy, but it is arrangeable.


Regarding Property Insurances we have negotiated considerable contribution rebates

with our partners. This enables us to providing comprehensive coverage to the cost of

an average insurance tariff.


Our Personal Full Service includes initial communication via email or phone, assessment, development and presentation of individual solutions, personal consultation, entire handling and forwarding of applications and documents, monitoring of processing status, forwarding of important information to the employer, claims settlement, support in reimbursement matters and cancellation or switch of policies on our client´s behalf.

We also take care of proper correspondence between the insurance companies and our clients.


This will be made possible by a voluntarily signed Broker Authority.

Our back-office-service is constantly available up to six months after termination of insurance contracts and relocation to another country.

We are committed to providing the best-value-for-money solutions, specific to the individual needs and plans of each transferee.


Our eloberated Health Insurance Questionnaire not only enables us to precisely analyzing the prospects situation and needs but also to preparing the approriate application for signature.


We have access to a German-wide network to ensure compliance with our principles of best possible service and support.


We also offer web-based online services and tariff finders for various insurance products which are simple to handle and available 24 hours a day.

Our business concept is based on commissions given by the insurance companies.

Therefore all of the above mentioned actions are free of charge for our clients.


It goes without saying that finally each client will be provided with a complete documentation of the insurance consultancy process, including a record advice and -in event of private health insurance- a non-disclosure agreement.


The team of competence. exclusive. welcomes you.


         Claus                       Bettina                       Anneliese                    Jeannette

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competence. exclusive. e.k.
is an insurance broker.
Our service is free of charge.
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Benefit from our 20 years of experience.

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