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Health Insurance Germany


Each person residing and/or working in Germany is obliged to conclude and maintain Health Insurance for himself and his dependents. That sounds easier than it is.


In general you may choose amongst 95 German public health insurances.

Equitably there are around 44 German private health insurance providers offering more than 500 different tariff versions. Certainly all plans are available separately or in combination.

Potentially existing European or International

health insurance plans shall not meet legal requirements regarding health insurance in Germany in most cases.


Depending on your personal situation and circumstances different plans apply.
Individual conditions as kind of profession,
amount of income, state of health, age,
family status, reason and duration of stay,
place of residence will affect the
right choice.

Taking all of your individual needs and future plans into account we will provide tailor-made solutions to sustainably protecting your health.

The German health system offers sufficient medical care for each person, but you could falling ill trying to understand all statutory and tariff-based details regarding health insurance in Germany.

Our Expertise is a branch of competence. exclusive.


competence. exclusive. is your independent insurance advisor in regards to health insurance in Germany since 2001.
The provided full-service is
free of charge, fast, reliable and up-to-date. Quality of personal consultation and support is based on extensive experience, specialist supervision and German-wide networking.

Especially for expats and their families relocating to Germany the website has been launched and provides helpful information and an online contact option for further consultancy.
The range of consultation includes German
private and public health insurance and International temporary health insurance.

You may expect personal support and guidance through German health insurance system. Due to permanent market monitoring and intensive review of potential business partners only high-quality-companies will be selected for cooperation.



"Working for an international logitics enterprise, I arrived in Germany in 2010. In so doing, I quickly discovered the complexity of the insurance market - in particular health insurance - and was advised to get a stock broker. Claus Edam was recommended to me by the relocation agency that helped me move, and for the five years I stayed in Germany, that turned out to be a very good decision indeed. Claus Edam has provided a very reliable service throughout my stay in Germany. Highly recommended." J. Hansen, Leipzig


"Very professional and personal support from the initial contact to the smooth termination of the contracts when we relocated." R. Petrov, Berlin

"First-class service, professional communication, detailed advice" A. Edwards, Cologne


"This service was recommended to me by a colleague. Very helpful." L. Galego, Monheim

"I was helped very quickly and competently to find the right protection for me and my family. Highly appreciated." M. Garcia, Munich

"The whole team works extremely professional, efficient and knowledgeable. We always get excellent service. Highly recommended." K. D´Silva, Bremen

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competence. exclusive. e.k.
is an insurance broker.
Our service is free of charge.
On our IMPRINT page you will find more information about our company.
Benefit from our 20 years of experience.

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